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There are a bunch of useful and powerful features on GitLab Enterprise Edition. We wanted to promote those paid features to the unlicensed customers and encouraged them to pay for the plans.

Since it was a large project, we divided it into several small projects. In that way, it was easy to develop the features and manage the big plan.


Target Cusotmers


There are four different available plans users can choose: Free, Bronze, Silver and Gold. And the various plans contain different features.


Promote issue boards

On the issue boards page, you can see a promotion simulated as a typical board. It introduces the advanced features of issue boards and details in GitLab EE. It works as a trigger point to encourage people to pay for a license.

However, what kind of the promotion content will show in the board depends on users' permission level. There are five user permission levels on

If you are an owner, you will see "Start GitLab Enterprise Edition" button. Otherwise, you will only see the message "Contact your administrator to upgrade license" and "Don't show me again" button. Only owners can purchase a license for an organization.

The screen owner will see.'Start GitLab Enterprise Edition' button is CTA in the context.

The screen members will see. Since members cannot purchase a license, we give them a clue to contact the owner if they want to use the advanced features.

Promote issue weight

Promoting issue weight is similar to promoting issue board. What kind of promotion content will show, it depends on the user's permission level.

The difference was there is no extra place to show the promotion content of Issue weight on the screen. Issue weight is a feature in the right sidebar.

In the case, we utilized the dropdown to display the message. The advantages were the promotion message only shows up when a user has self-motivation to use issue weight and avoiding disrupting the interaction.

The promotion message shows in a dropdown only when a user click edit to set up the weight of an issue.

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