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Logo Design


UX team had been working hard on builing the design systems for a long time. They wanted the design system to have logo and brand. That gaves the chance to work with them again.

Why is the GitLab Design system called "Pajamas"? The team proposed that because GitLab is an entirely remote company, co-workers all work in the pajamas remotely. You can see the discussion on "Name & branding for the design system."


Where does the logo ideas come from? I did brainstorming to generate the elemens from "Pajamas" and "Design Systems".

Therefore, I tried to combine those elements to come out some ideas.

The ideation of logos.


The colors of GitLab.

We decided to use the colors in GitLab's brand as Pajamas is related to GitLab. We hope people can notice that it is a Design System in GitLab. Therefore, I picked up GitLab purple and orange and then applied them to the logo. I explored the different ways to display the color like gradient color and solid color.

The first iteration of logo with colors.


"Pajama" comes from the idea of GitLabbers are all working at home. It can mean "Relaxing", "Confort", "Easy", and "Quirky". Based on that, I suggested that the font style could be rounded and soft instead of sharp and solid. That's the reason that I selected the Nunito with open source license on Google Fonts.


We had explored a lot of ideas at the early stage, but the team thought those logos were more like icons instead of logos. Therefore, I tried to generate other ideas and comed out an idea - "Opened book" logo - as you can see in the photo below.

It is an opened book, and then I rotate the book, it looks like letter P.

The logo initially had three inner pages, but it might look like letter F, so I simplified it and polished the details. The team and me both like this idea.

The logo's evolution.


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